Caring for Your Fall Mums

Mums are a staple of fall, with their beautiful autumnal colors ranging from yellow and orange to maroon and purple. Chrysanthemums are part of a special group of flowers that communicate the season with a simple glance. For some, purchasing these colorful flowers every fall is a given. They make fantastic additions to front entryways and festive centerpieces.

Their bloom cycle depends on the length of the day, temperature, and plant age. If you plan to plant your mum in a shady area, it’s best to purchase one with a lot of blooms already showing. If you’re going to put it in a sunny location, choose one with more buds.

Helpful Tips for Mums

Here are some tips to keep them looking fantastic all season long, and perhaps even beyond.

  1. Place potted varieties in an area that receives bright, indirect sunlight all day or in a location where they can receive 5 hours of morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
  2. Water from the side at the base instead of from the top. Potted mums usually contain multiple plants, so watering from the side will prevent them from splitting.
  3. Check the soil moisture daily and water when the top 1 inch begins to dry. If they dry out too much, it can reduce their flowering time, so pay close attention.
  4. Mums have continuous blooms! There are new buds ready to open behind all those beautiful flowers, so deadhead your plant to encourage new growth by pinching or cutting off spent blooms.
  5. These plants can be a challenge to overwinter partly because of the shallow root system, but it’s not impossible. Cut back the foliage to 3 inches after the first frost. If planted in the ground, you can mulch with a double layer for added root protection from the cold.

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