Planting Parties and More

We are so excited about the Planting Parties and more with all the exciting things that have been happening around the garden center.  Our staff has been hard at work making sure we have the best plants around, beautiful pottery and great garden statuary.  We also have fountains, outdoor furniture and we can build you a pergola or outdoor kitchen.  We have everything you need to have a backyard sanctuary.  We are excited that our Summer Family Workshops kick off next week, our Planting Parties kick off in July and it all continues into August.  This Fall we will be kicking off our kids programming that includes classes and a garden club, Wine Tastings, Informative Lecture Series with garden experts, and fun holiday events.  So keep an eye on our events calendar so you don’t miss a thing.

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June Lawn RX

For our June Lawn RX we want you to feed your lawn with one of the choices of fertilizer.  We would also like you to treat for pest so that you keep your lawn pest free.  We have given you Organic and Synthetic product choices, the following are our suggestions for the month of June.

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Esperanza Bells of Fire

[st_row][st_column][st_text ]The Esperanza Bells of Fire is a new hardworking Esperanza, that comes in a new color that likes full sun and also partial sun, it has medium green foliage with clusters of red to dark orange-red trumpet shaped flowers. [Read more…]

Geranium Tiny Monster

[st_row][st_column][st_text ]The hybrid Cranesbill Geranium Tiny Monster likes full sun or partial shade, it has dark green leaves with small pink flowers and does spread.  The Tiny Monster is easy to care for and does like moist well drained-soil so give it average water.  It can be planted in normal, sandy or clay soil.  This hard working plant is great in flower beds since it will flower all summer and into fall.  It attracts butterflies and bees as well.

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Digiplexis Illumination Flame

The hybrid Digiplexis Illumination Flame, is the result of breeding digitalis (foxglove) with Isoplexis and likes full sun to partial shade, it has medium green foliage with tubular flowers that look like a living flame, the outer petals can have a fuchsia hue with the inside transition from red to orange and it does grow upright.  Digiplexis is easy to care for and does like moist, well-drained soil so give it average water.  It can be planted in normal to loamy soil. It doesn’t like the cold but is hardy in zones 8-11.  The Digiplexis attracts butterflies and bees as well. [Read more…]

Society of St. Stephens

[st_row][st_column][st_text ]The Society of St. Stephens board recently hosted a charity tennis tournament at Kingwood Country Club.  Warren’s was thrilled to have donated a planting party for the tournament, it is always a pleasure when we can help a wonderful organization that does so much good within our community.

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Lawn RX Program

The Lawn RX Program at Warren’s Southern Gardens will kick off on June 1st.  We are so excited to help you have the lawn you have always wanted.  We will be providing monthly lawn care tips and suggestions to help our customers be prepared for the changing conditions in Kingwood and its surrounding areas.

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Don’t Let Your Plants Freeze!

Protecting your plants this Winter should be at the top of your to do list! The weather for this coming Winter is predicted to be colder than normal, and we are expected to have higher chances of precipitation than usual. Now is the time to be proactive, get prepared, so you don’t end up losing half of your shrubs when we get an unexpected over night freeze!

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Welcome To Warren’s Southern Gardens Blog

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Warren’s Southern Gardens is happy to announce the creation of Warren’s Blog. We want to be the source of information for Kingwood gardeners. Our goal is to be your partner as you create the yard of your dreams. We will provide useful information about gardening in our area. We will provide great ideas for creating curb appeal. Want to have the best containers and flower beds?  We’ve got you covered with great ideas. Not sure what to do with your porch or patio?  We’ve got you covered with decorating ideas. Love growing vegetables, but aren’t sure what to do with them?  We’ve got you covered with recipe ideas. We hope as you read Warren’s Blog you will feel like you are chatting with a good friend that is sharing a new discovery for their yard with you!

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How can Warren’s Blog help you?

Warren’s blog can you give you answers to your most common gardening questions. Want to know when to fertilize your yard?  Checkout our Lawn RX posts. Want to know what plants are perfect for your yard?  Checkout our Plant Picks posts.  Want to know how to create a focal point in your yard?  Checkout our Garden Enhancement posts. Want to know how to deal with common landscape problems?  Checkout our Gardening Tips posts. This blog is designed for you! So that you have a personal gardener here to help you with advice anytime you are thinking about your yard. We want you to have the support you need for your gardening goals.