The Evolution of Farming and Gardening

The evolution of farming and gardening is not something we consider often. But, the trials and tribulations of generations of farmers tell the tale of growing edible crops. Of course, the landscape of agriculture has changed tremendously in recent history.  Thanks to the manufacturing industry, technology, and changes within our society, significant changes have occurred just in the last 50 years or so. [Read more…]

Monarchs on the Move

The annual migration of monarch butterflies occurs each year in the fall. No one knows for sure how millions of monarchs instinctively know when to depart and where to go. But it seems to be triggered by the autumn equinox and related to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Butterflies are important contributors to the world’s ecosystem. In fact, they not only pollinate flowers, but serve as a food source for birds, small animals, and other insects. The epic migration of monarchs is one reason they are so essential to the environment. These resilient insects travel all the way from Canada to Mexico across the United States each year, pollinating plants the entire way. They spend their winter hibernation in Mexico or Southern California. [Read more…]

Fall Entryway Design

It can be a little overwhelming to piece together an amazing seasonal entryway design. You can achieve a stunning look with the right selections and combinations of color, plants and flowers, texture, pumpkins and gourds,  as well as decorative accessories. Here are some tips to help you get started!


You could choose a monochromatic theme or a combination of autumn colors! Make a plan for what you’d like to purchase before shopping, taking into consideration your brick and exterior paint color. [Read more…]

National Indoor Plant Week 2018

National Indoor Plant Week is the third week each September to celebrate indoor plants and their many benefits!

  1. Indoor plants work to purify the air in your home or work space. But how? The leaves and roots absorb pollutants, refreshing the air you breath.
  2. Studies show plants reduce stress and tension.
  3. Indoor plants brighten a space and encourage a more relaxing, restful setting.

[Read more…]

Caring for Your Fall Mums

Mums are a staple of fall, with their beautiful autumnal colors ranging from yellow and orange to maroon and purple. Chrysanthemums are part of a special group of flowers that communicate the season with a simple glance. For some, purchasing these colorful flowers every fall is a given. They make fantastic additions to front entryways and festive centerpieces.

Their bloom cycle depends on the length of the day, temperature, and plant age. If you plan to plant your mum in a shady area, it’s best to purchase one with a lot of blooms already showing. If you’re going to put it in a sunny location, choose one with more buds. [Read more…]

Prep for Fall Gardening

Fall and spring are the distinct vegetable growing seasons in our area. In the fall, we start planting at the end of the hot months to take advantage of the mild weather during the most productive time for the plants. Learn how to prep you garden for a bountiful fall harvest!

First, to start your fall garden, take some time for a thorough cleanup. Remove any summer vegetable plants, including tomatoes, that are no longer productive and thriving. Additionally, clear out any weeds to give yourself a blank slate. [Read more…]

Vacation Plant Care Tips

There are so many landscaping challenges during the summer months, including summer vacations! If you haven’t taken a trip yet, learn about some tips to keep your plants looking great while you are away so you can fully relax on your vacation.

You should be able to enjoy travelling without stressing about how your plants are doing at home. There are a few easy steps to take before leaving to help ensure your plants stay healthy while you’re away. [Read more…]

Learning to Love Natives

Native plants are often overlooked in home gardening. Incorporating them into your landscape could mean less work to keep your yard looking spectacular, plus you’ll simultaneously support the local environment and wildlife.

Native plants are well-adapted to their local surroundings, resulting in numerous benefits. [Read more…]