How to Plant Trees and Shrubs

Plant your tree/shrub using a mixture of native soil, compost, and expanded shale. Then, water with a root stimulator.

Set the tree in a hole with the root collar (area just above the roots) flush or slightly above natural grade. Planting too deeply is the leading cause of unsuccessful new tree plantings. Always handle the tree by the root ball instead of the tree trunk.

Your tree/shrub should be planted a little higher than the natural grade to allow for settling. Check the root ball of your tree to make sure the root flare is exposed and at the proper planting height. [Read more…]

Palms vs. Cycads

Is it a palm, is it a cycad? If you are not sure, you’re not alone. Palms and cycads are commonly mistaken for one another, but in defense of anyone who might fall into that category, it doesn’t help when the name of a cycad is Sago Palm!

The only true connection between a palm and a cycad is they are seed plants. Although the two are unrelated, they are both prehistoric plants that can be traced back millions of years. [Read more…]

Why Choose Warren’s?

You may already know that Warren’s Southern Gardens and all its associated companies are family owned and operated. Aside from shopping at a local business to support the area economy, there are several other reasons you will want to choose Warren’s to gear up for the spring season.


Have you ever been to a large retail nursery, browsing the sea of plants, and realize you haven’t seen an employee since you arrived? Perhaps you did find an employee and asked a question, only to find they didn’t know the answer.

Gardening seems straight forward, but it can be complex and confusing when it comes to what works best to produce the greatest results. Having accessible, expert staff to answer your questions is the most important difference between Warren’s and big box stores. We want you to be successful in your gardening ventures and to share our knowledge and love of plants with you! [Read more…]

Wildlife in Winter

If you’re like us, you may be wondering how our forest friends made out during the snow and ice this week. Luckily, we will likely see and hear many of them moving about as the temperature rises. Find out how birds, squirrels, and reptiles survive harsh winter weather.

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Monarchs on the Move

The annual migration of monarch butterflies occurs each year in the fall. No one knows for sure how millions of monarchs instinctively know when to depart and where to go. But it seems to be triggered by the autumn equinox and related to the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Planting Parties and More

We are so excited about the Planting Parties and more with all the exciting things that have been happening around the garden center.  Our staff has been hard at work making sure we have the best plants around, beautiful pottery and great garden statuary.  We also have fountains, outdoor furniture and we can build you a pergola or outdoor kitchen.  We have everything you need to have a backyard sanctuary.  We are excited that our Summer Family Workshops kick off next week, our Planting Parties kick off in July and it all continues into August.  This Fall we will be kicking off our kids programming that includes classes and a garden club, Wine Tastings, Informative Lecture Series with garden experts, and fun holiday events.  So keep an eye on our events calendar so you don’t miss a thing.

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Society of St. Stephens

[st_row][st_column][st_text ]The Society of St. Stephens board recently hosted a charity tennis tournament at Kingwood Country Club.  Warren’s was thrilled to have donated a planting party for the tournament, it is always a pleasure when we can help a wonderful organization that does so much good within our community.

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