How Much and How Often Should I Water Succulent Plants?

When you water succulents, you want to make sure the soil is completely soaked. Why? Because your succulents will expect a drought and will soak up as much water as they can. Then, give your soil a couple of days to dry out and don’t water again until the soil is completely dry.

In fact, your succulents will do fine in completely dry soil for a few days, especially if they’re larger and have well-established roots. During the artificial drought you create, they’ll grow new roots that are thick and healthy, so they can absorb more water the next time you completely soak the soil.

Avoid using a spray bottle to water your succulents. A light spray will not promote healthy root growth. Instead of filling up their roots with water, your plants will shoot off tiny, thin new roots to absorb as much water as they can quickly, hoping to get water again soon.

They’ll survive for a while this way, but they’ll be much healthier with a good soak every few days.

Soil Mix for Succulents

  • 1/2 Cactus Mix or Well-Draining Potting Soil
  • 1/2 Expanded Shale

Succulent Fertilizer Tips

  • Fertilize once a month with Liquid Seaweed.
  • Mix in a slow-release fertilizer, such as Osmocote, at the time of planting.