National Indoor Plant Week 2018

National Indoor Plant Week is the third week each September to celebrate indoor plants and their many benefits!

  1. Indoor plants work to purify the air in your home or work space. But how? The leaves and roots absorb pollutants, refreshing the air you breath.
  2. Studies show plants reduce stress and tension.
  3. Indoor plants brighten a space and encourage a more relaxing, restful setting.

How to Incorporate Plants Inside Your Home

You can tastefully display house plants in your entryway, home office, or living room. Terrariums are very popular as home decor additions right now that work well in almost every room of the house. Plus, anything that blooms works great on the mantle or as a centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room.

The best part about many indoor plants is the minimal attention and care they require. Low maintenance and attractive with health benefits. What more could you ask for?

Warren’s Southern Gardens has an excellent selection of indoor plants, from spider plants, bromeliads, and common ivy to air plant terrariums. Stop by the Garden Center today or call 281-354-6111 for more information.

Learn about Tillandsia, pictured below, here: