Kingwood Ornamental Grasses, Blooming Vines and Groundcovers

Rangoon Creeper

Quisqualis indica
The unique flowers of Rangoon creeper emerge white, change to pink and then deep red, with all colors present at the same time for a stunning display. The fragrance of Rangoon Creeper is intoxicating.

The foliage itself is very attractive – bright green elongated leaves fill in to form dense lush greenery covered with flowers. This is a large vine with a wide “wingspan” that requires room to grow and strong support. It’s ideal for a pergola because of the cascading blooms, graceful drooping branches, and the heavenly scent of the blossoms. Grow Rangoon creeper in full sun to part shade in Zone 8-10.

The vine may lose some leaves during a cold winter but generally bounces back in spring. This is a fast grower that can thrive in full sun to part shade.In rows to cover a fence, place plants 4 to 5 feet apart. Allow at least 4 feet between the vine and the nearest large shrub or tree. Low growing plants can go close to the base of the vine once it reaches enough height to give them some clearance and light.

Plant Care Add Leaf Mold Compost and Expanded Shale to the planting hole at time of planting.You can work Azomite into the soil around the plant’s rootball for added nutrients and enrichment. Cut back hard in early spring – late March.Deep water at regular intervals, with a bit of time between waterings for the soil to dry out. Fertilize twice a year – in spring and fall – with Colorstar or Microlife fertilizer. Supplement feedings if you like with liquid seaweed or fish emulsion fertilizer to encourage heavier bloom.

A.K.A. (also known as): Drunken Sailor, Chinese Honeysuckle

LANDSCAPE USES: pergola, large arbor or trellis, fence, lattice enclosure for a carport or patio, trained along the roof line of an overhang, arch over a driveway.