GardenLine with Randy Lemmon


Gardening expert Randy Lemmon is the host of the GardenLine radio program and podcast every Saturday and Sunday morning on KTRH AM 740. With over 1.4 listeners Randy helps answer Houston listeners’ vast lawn and garden questions.

Warren’s Southern Gardens is excited to have in stock Randy Lemmon’s new book “Texas-Tough Gardening.” Randy’s latest book is all about dealing with the extremes that we endure in our region — too hot, too wet, too cold! It covers drought-tolerant plants (more than just Texas natives), plants that like “wet feet,” and tropical-esque plants that bounce back quickly even after hard freezes. It covers the cold-hardiest citrus, avocados and figs. Cold-hardy palms, too. And it even delves into some tough lessons learned about gardening in this region. Stop by Warren’s and get your copy today!