Summer Lawn Care

Our summer lawn care guide can help you have the prettiest yard on the street.High heat is part of living in Texas, and now is a good time to look at your yard and others in our area, and see what plants are doing great and which ones have been struggling.  Depending on what you find a little makeover for your yard may be in order.

Summer Lawn Care

Summer Lawn Care How To’s

Use the Right Plants.  Make sure you know the conditions of your beds and yard – i.e. How much sun do you get in that area, is it morning or afternoon sun, how many hours each day, does it hold water or does it dry out fast.  Knowing this information and picking the right plant for the right place is one of the most important steps to having a great yard.

Use Mulch.  Make sure you have mulched your beds with 2 to 4 inches of mulch and you will see a big difference in the soil moisture content, how many weeds, and how much easier weeding becomes.  Make sure you check the level of mulch around your plants and newly planted trees, and keep it a consistent level. Besides keeping soil cooler, mulch reduces evaporation, so you retain as much moisture as you can.

Lawn Care.  Watch for signs of chinch bugs in your St. Augustine lawns, they are black and white insects that can quickly injure and kill grass, and can multiply quickly in our weather.  If you see any spots in your yard that are wilting, and look like they need water, but don’t get better when you water, and the wilted grass turns yellow, then brown come in to the garden center and let us help you get it under control.  Also, mow grass regularly, and raise the setting on your mower so you cut it a little higher than winter so it retains moisture.

Questions.  If you have a problem area in your yard or on a plant and aren’t sure then bring it in for us to diagnose.  For your lawn we will need an 8” Square piece that is 2” thick including soil and make sure you the piece has half damaged and half non-damaged.  For plants bring in a sample leaf or branch and bring in a healthy branch.

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