Water and Bog Plants for Your Home Garden

Consider adding water lilies, lotus, or pitcher plants to your current landscape for more variety and visual interest.

Water and bog plants can be intimidating, especially without the know-how to get started, but Warren’s can help! There are so many combinations and solutions. Let’s first identify the main difference between water and bog plants.

Water vs. Bog Plants

Water plants prefer to have their roots submerged in at least 2 to 6 inches of water. Alternatively, bog plants will be happy in continuously moist soil outside of a pond. In fact, some containers work great for bog plants!

Pond Alternatives: Water Containers

If you don’t already have a water feature in your backyard, like a decorative pond, you might consider constructing one. But if you feel like that’s the only way to enjoy water and bog plants, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn there are lots of other options.

For example, you can use a faux whiskey barrel, or almost any other container, to create a water feature in your landscape. Basically, you can create a pond environment in any container you select. Then, you can keep the plants in individual containers and continue providing fresh water to keep the roots submerged.

Be watchful for algae and make sure mosquitoes aren’t using it as a breeding ground.

Building a Bog

If you have a low area in your yard that stays continuously moist, you can turn the underutilized area into a bog garden! You can prepare the ground by pulling out grasses and any unnecessary plants. Then, consider laying down a weed barrier before creating a bed of gravel. The key to bog success is the constant presence of moisture.

Water + Bog Plant Benefits

In a decorative pond and even in smaller containers, water and bog plants work as water filters. Plants like water lilies are known for absorbing heavy metal and all water plants oxygenate the water. If you’re interested in adding koi fish to your water feature, these plants serve as a food source for the koi – while the plants keep it a healthy environment for the fish.

Additionally, adding a water feature to your landscape will encourage birds, butterflies, and dragonflies to visit your oasis.  

Visit the Garden Center to shop our new inventory and let our expert staff delve into the many options with you. Warren’s Southern Gardens will get you growing!